Saturday, 6 August 2011

Steps to earn from google adsense using blogger

Google as a search engine has a program called Google adwords and adsense but for today we are going to be talking about google adsense. Although making money on the web is not easy but if you can take your time to master this program I know you will make money online. Google adsense are the adverts placed on your blog or website by Google. Google allows everyone from any country to participate in this program and registration is free up till today. Google adsense remains one of ways to make fast money on the internet For you to earn from google adsense using free blog you will have to get registered with Google as an adsense publisher. To promote google adsense you will need a blog or website but in this article I am going to teach you how to earn from google adsense with a free blogger. This is a place where you will see dollar flowing into your account without you spending a cent. To register with google so that you can start to promoting adsense on your website you will need to register at Normally, it will take a minimum of 3 days to get your account verified. Before you register you need a website or blog to do this. It was back in the years that google adsense allow users to register with just free blogger but now it is not. They even want you to have at least 20 pages on your website before you can start promoting it I will advise you to read thoroughly the rules and regulations of the program before you start the business so that you don't get banned after days. After your account is approved, this is the step by step guide to add adsense to your free blogger 1. Get a valid email account: To do this, you will need to register with yahoo, gmail or any email services provider you know. 2. Go to blogger main website address 3. Click on create a blog 4. Fill the pop-out form. The form is self explanatory and just click on next after you are through with your present tasks. This is a stage where you give title to your blog and give a url to your blog. Your blog url will look like this www(dot)yourblog(dot)name(dot) Your blog name is just like a sub-domain to blogspot. To post content or add article to your blog, you don't need any webhosting space once you are using free blogger., a well known search is the owner of and that is why is very easy to earn with google adsense with this free blog. 5. Log out from your blogger account and sign in back 6. Click on design 7. Click on post 8. Copy and paste the article and remember to add labels to your post. The label is the same as keywords 9. Click on preview to see your post 10. Click on design 11. Click on layout 12. Click on Add widget: A dialogue box will come out for you to choose the adsense box which is denoted by dollar sign. 13. Click on the dollar sign box 14. Now go back to log in to your adsense account and generate the html code for the kind of adsense adverts you want. 15. Copy and then paste the code in the adsense box and save it. 16. Preview to see how it looks. Now you have setup your business, the next thing is to bring traffic to your blog. You can do this by promoting your blog through forum marketing, article marketing, press release, adverts placements, mobile marketing and many more. By the time you drive traffic to your blog, you will see that this method is good to make money fast at home since you do everything online. Another thing you need to know is to track your traffic so that you know which one is bringing lots of traffic to your website. To make huge money from this business, you will need more than 10 blogs and you need to design them on different niche like pets or dog, sports, game, make money, affiliate program, credit card, debt settlements, debt consolidation, auto insurance, divorce lawyers, health insurance, blogging and so on. This gives you the ability to promote your blog at any forum or blog you come across online.

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