Thursday, 4 August 2011

Six Secrets to Sales and Network Marketing

Vision, leadership, goal setting, recruitment, training, coaching and motivation are all familiar terms. If you want to succeed in network marketing in today's changing world, you must study these concepts carefully and make them part of your daily life. Today more than ever before these qualities and skills are critical to success in a network marketer.
Today's business leaders need different attitudes, skills, and knowledge in order to succeed. They need to be well-rounded individuals with a broad outlook and the ability to keep up with rapid change.
1. Broadened responsibilities - former president Harry S. Truman had a sign on his oval office desk: "the buck stops here". He left this as a legacy to us, and we must pick up the momentum, albeit 45 years later. The legacy is this: we are responsible for our actions. We must be more than salespeople, more than managers, more than trainers. We must be citizens and executives fully responsible for our actions and responsible to those with whom we do business, both internally and externally. On the corporate level, this is called corporate social responsibility; on the individual level, we shall call it personal management responsibility. If we want to earn good bucks, we must practice the Truman doctrine; "the buck stops with us".
2. Team selling - the old image of the salesperson as a rugged individualist is fading. Todays sales representative has become much more of a professional. The former one man, backslapping, cigar-chomping powerhouse with his collection of whiz-bang jokes has gone the way of the cigar store Indian. A highly coordinated and trained strategic sales team is taking over. Those who have not realized this must soon adjust to the new reality.
3. Learning from the past - another well known adage tells us that if we do not learn from history, we are dumbed to repeat it. In the network marketing industry, we must learn from some of the "great ones" who have preceded us. Elmer wheeler and his "sizzlemanship" became renowned around 1940. His classic selling words are still applicable.
4. Communication, cooperation, customer relations - these "three c's" of modern salesmanship work together and can be the lubricant of sales success. Therefore, they are being incorporated in the modern sales manager's lexicon. Communication is the art of keeping in touch with all the groups that are necessary for the successful achievement of ones goals. Cooperation is obvious and is expressed by the end for team selling. Customer relations involves the field of public relations and establishing a credible image for oneself, ones products and services and the company or companies one represents.
5. Outside-inside conflict resolution - in order to concentrate sales and management efforts on the primary tasks, sales management and selling - we need to work in a smooth, pleasant, friction-free environment. Damaging interpersonal conflicts, whether within one's own staff and company or outside of them, need to be resolved quickly and completely. Profits are lost because of misunderstanding and distrust. There are few social or corporate situations that cannot be resolved by frank and open communication.
6. Team building- in addition to team selling, it is vital to look at R&D. strategic alliances also include outside groups such as suppliers, distributors, transporters, and local-level sellers. Secondary influences, such as government bodies and officials and the media, can also be included. Remember that alone we can fall, but together we can succeed.

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