Thursday, 4 August 2011

How to Build Successful Blogs

Blogging has turned out to be one of the most highly sought after forms of income online. You can see many advertisements asking you to start up your free blog so that you can make money from sponsors, ad revenue, or simply to make money from having your business link included. While millions of people have started up their own blog, there is only a small percentage of those who are very successful.
The term successful means something different to everyone depending on what their goals are and this should be noted carefully. Success to someone might be making money, it might be obtaining a readership or it could be in driving traffic to their website. Whatever the case is, there are some methods of doing this that can cause you to be more successful.
Blog Set Up
Each blog hosting site varies. A user-friendly site is more practical and convenient but they may have fewer features for you to take advantage of. You need to set up the blog so that you receive the maximum exposure. Features such as the SEO options on each posting, the ability to allow pings, suggestions for keywords, and other such things are important when you want a person to find you weblog.
It is also essential that you find one with a template that suits your purposes. Not all templates have the same effect on your readers. It needs to be simple but yet substantial. There has to be enough information and features on the page to make the reader interested but not to the extent that they are overwhelmed.
Blog Posts
If you have a particular theme to your blog then you need to create posts that are relevant to it. However, this shouldn't restrict you to a narrow focus unless the narrow focus gives you enough space to write a lot of posts on a lot of sub-topics. Give yourself enough room with your theme to be able to create the amount of blog posts each day or each week without repeating the topics too often.
Repeating a topic isn't a disaster for a blog. It is the way it is done. In the case that you want to write about finance, which in itself is a large topic, but you have chosen on a particular day to study micro-lending, you can write another post on it later. It is recommended that you take it from a different angle or share other information about the topic so it is not a direct repeat.
Although there are plenty of blogs with long entries you don't have to copy this manner. In fact, the most popular blogs online have an average post of 150 words. Some of these posts are accompanied by images but others are simple information packed tidbits that are easy and fun to read. People find this type of entry better because they still find some information but it doesn't take them long to read. It also keeps their attention.
The maintenance of the blog includes a variety of aspects. In this case, it will include the number of posts and how the blog is changed or modified. The number of blog posts that are submitted each day or each week depends on the purpose. The individual that wants to build up a good readership on a regular basis needs to post entries frequently and consistently. In the case that 300 word entries are used, two or three a day may be adequate. Using shorter articles may require more than this. It might seem like a lot of entries but this is what has made the most successful blogs become so popular.
Once the readership is established with a blog in having so many posts a day, they can be reduced. Thirty short posts a week of 150 words can do the trick in many cases. This being said, it should not be reduced to the extent that the audience believes that the author doesn't have the same care for the blog.
Changes to the blog might mean a slight modification in the template, the design, and similar aspects. When RSS feeds are offered, take the chance and make it available on your blog. If there are new widgets to include in the design that will benefit you, read about them and see if they work for you. Experiment with these different applications. You might be surprised at how these apps can help you and the popularity of the blog.
Making Your Blog a Success
Although creating a successful blog isn't as simple as counting to three as some people might claim, when you put the work into it, you will find a big difference. You will have more readers coming at a steady rate, your ad revenue will build and the traffic to your own personal website will increase as well. These are all reasons to consider building, posting, and maintaining your blog in the better way.

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