Sunday, 7 August 2011

Increase Website Traffic - Great Tips To Increase Website Traffic And Start Making Money Online

To increase website traffic and get a steady stream of income from their website is what any web marketer dreams about. Fortunately, this objective is surely achievable provided that you follow effective link building strategies and also other traffic generation techniques.
The initial step to make is to choose a money-making niche with a lot of existing traffic and in-demand products. The bigger web traffic that niche already has, the much more likely that you should be able to grab a portion of this traffic to your own site. A simple way to find lucrative markets rich in traffic is to look at well-known internet directories like Yahoo or Dmoz and see which categories have the biggest number of websites.
The next thing you need to do after you identified a lucrative market, use Google AdWords keyword tool to determine low-competition/high-traffic key words. Long-tail key words with a clearly defined intention to buy is what you'll have to be after, as these keywords are the most profitable.
After having determined 2-3 main keywords plus a couple dozen of complimentary keywords, you can start creating your articles and creating a blog or website. To make sure you increase the effect of link building, you need to first sort out your on-page SEO. The best way to help your onpage optimization and increase your chances for high rankings is to acquire a keyword rich domain name (ideally there should be exact match between your domain and your main keyword), then make keyword rich titles, use H1 tags for headings and H2 tags for subheadings, include your main keyword at the onset of the first paragraph, then several times within the body of your article and, finally, in the last paragraph.
On-site navigation must be extremely user-friendly which will enhance the time visitors spend on your site and thus increase its search engine exposure. To make sure you leave no footprint, making your link building look natural, diversify the anchor-text of your backlinks and, whilst giving preference to the main keywords, also create some links with just website URL and common keywords such as 'click here'.
Publishing unique useful posts on your site often should become your priority and be exercised on regular basis. You'll find nothing which attracts traffic and natural back links to your website more than valuable original content. If you do each of the techniques I revealed to you in this post, I have no doubt that you can increase website traffic and begin to make solid income with your web properties

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